Way back in 2001, a handful of marginally-employed flight instructors founded an ad-hoc rocketry society we called Principia, deep in the backwaters of central Florida. We built rockets, we grilled out, we drank rum.

These days, Team Principia is where we blog about learning electronics, building computers, running Linux, writing code, voiding warranties, and anything else involving bells, whistles, or little blue blinking lights.

What does “Principia” mean? Principia comes from the Latin, meaning “beginnings,” or “basic principles.” It’s also sometimes used when referring to the master work of Sir Isaac Newton, Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, or just The Principia, for short. It’s pronounced, “prin-SIP-ee-ah.”

Note: This blog used to be called Principia Labs, and lived at principialabs.com, which is now defunct. Welcome to our new home!