GPS Tracks in Google Maps

This is just a quick test and tutorial on displaying and sharing your GPS tracks with Google Maps.

I used Garmin’s BaseCamp™ software to interface with my GPS device, right-clicked my track from the list in the left sidebar, then selected “View in Google Earth.”

Garmin BaseCamp screenshot

Garmin BaseCamp screenshot

Once the track was loaded in Google Earth, I right-clicked on its name in the sidebar and selected “Save Place As”, then exported it as a KMZ file.

Google Earth screenshot

Google Earth screenshot

On the Google Maps website, I clicked “My Places” and then the big orange “Create Map” button. This revealed an “Import” link and some text fields to name and describe the map. I simply followed the instructions to upload my new KMZ file.

Google Maps website

Google Maps website

Finally, I reviewed the WordPress Support docs for details on how to display Google Maps in a WordPress blog. Happy trails!


7 responses to “GPS Tracks in Google Maps

  1. Wow! Here you are leaving comments before I’m even done editing this post! Truth be told, I’ve never even walked this Brecksville track. I actually downloaded the GPX file in the hopes of finding cool places to hike around here.

  2. Your street cred just took a nose dive by admitting that. But still cool nonetheless. Can this thing give us a short cut to Squire’s Garage? Bushwhacking like Lewis and Clark?

  3. Well the REAL truth is that I was too scared to be out on a trail, miles from civilization, while on call at work. We can’t ALL be Gary WXbee. And yes, I do believe this device can take us direct overland to el Squire’s. Or we could canoe, like Lewis and Clark.

  4. Is ‘canoe’ a Shoshone word for carrying a boat on your back while bushwhacking through the forest? The french have a word for that too…

  5. That journal entry clearly states that Lewis and Clark had a “party truck”. So their portage and cross country adventure must not have been as big of a hardship after all. Also, it looks like Clark pioneered “Devin Spelling” before there was even an Internet.

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