KDE: Running a Script at Startup

I just reinstalled Kubuntu 7.04 on the Linux box after having upgraded successively from Ubuntu 6.06. I wanted to clean house a bit and get rid of any unnecessary Gnome leftovers. While setting things up I was trying to remember how I had gotten the little system tray application checkgmail to run at startup every time.

This flummoxed me for several hours, while I surfed the web and the Ubuntu forums. I found a reasonably relevant FAQ here, but that only dealt with the Gnome desktop or with running a script at boot time, which I did not want either. Anyway, to make a long story short, I eventually remembered the KDE solution to the problem, and I’ll post it here so I don’t forget again.

(1) Create a shell script, using Kate or nano or whatever. In my case, all the script does is execute the checkgmail command, which starts the application.


(2) Save the script as mystartupscript (or whatever) and drop it into KDE’s Autostart directory, which is located in the (hidden) ~/.kde directory (in your home folder).

$ mv mystartupscript /home/username/.kde/Autostart

(3) Make the script executable.

$ chmod 755 /home/username/.kde/Autostart/mystartupscript

Done! Now reboot or logout and the next time KDE starts, your script will run after the KDE desktop loads. Cake.


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