Mach Me


Designer: Brad

Motor Manufacturer: Estes Industries
Propellant Type: Black Powder
Motor Designation: D12-5
Motor Diameter: 24 mm
Motor Length: 70 mm
Propellant Mass: 0.0211 kg
Total Motor Mass: 0.0452 kg

Total Impulse: 16.84 Ns

Burn Time: 1.65 s
Maximum Thrust: 29.73 N
Average Thrust: 10.21 N
Specific Impulse: 81 s

Notes: Brad’s first creation, Mach Me was probably more renowned for its spectacular decents and landings than for its launches. Plagued with recovery system problems, this hardy little missile returned on a ballistic trajectory more often than not. After each successive core sample, the body tube would be trimmed a little shorter to remove any damage that the airframe had sustained on impact, and in no time she’d be prepped to fly again. Sadly, Mach Me was lost on her final flight, but she lives on in memory.


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