Designer: Pinsky

Motor Manufacturer: Estes Industries
Propellant Type: Black Powder
Motor Designation: (3) C6-3, (1) E9-8

Motor Diameter: 18 mm (C), 24 mm (E)

Motor Length: 70 mm (C), 95 mm (E)
Propellant Mass: 0.0682 kg
Total Motor Mass: 0.1375 kg

Total Impulse: 55.5 Ns

Burn Time: 3.09 s
Maximum Thrust: 61.74 N
Average Thrust: 23.24 N
Specific Impulse: 83 s

Notes: Designed in the spirit of Ralph Steadman, Leadbelly is clearly the most evil vehicle in the fleet. With forward-swept fins on the tail, and aft-swept canards on the nose, all sanded to razor-sharp points, this baby was bound to draw blood at some point. Unfortunately, it was Pinsky himself who suffered from the ghastliness and madness of his own creation.


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