Designer: Brian

Motor Manufacturer: AeroTech, Inc.
Propellant Type: Composite (Ammonium Perchlorate)
Motor Designation: I211

Motor Diameter: 38 mm
Motor Length: 240 mm
Propellant Mass: 0.251 kg
Total Motor Mass: 0.473 kg

Total Impulse: 435 Ns

Burn Time: 2.1 s
Maximum Thrust: 353 N
Average Thrust: 210 N
Specific Impulse: 177 s

Notes: Construction of Isabelle was an ongoing project throughout the spring 2002 launch season. This rocket served as the vehicle to achieve Tripoli Rocketry Association Level One certification with its first and only launch. It was an excellent introduction into the handling and performance characteristics of high-power composite motors. The Binder Design kit used very similar construction techniques to the Estes kits with which we were already familiar. Since there was no requirement for fiberglassing, heat-curing or use of carbon composites, the technical advancements were confined to the stress and recovery considerations of using the larger engine. Also, no flight computers or barometric/acceleration recovery triggers are required for a Level One certification, so these were omitted.

Maiden Flight Video

[ width=”648″ height=”380″]


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