Black Thruster


Designer: Brad

Motor Manufacturer: Estes Industries
Propellant Type: Black Powder
Motor Designation:
(2) D12-3, Booster
(1) D12-0, Booster
(1) E9-8, Sustainer

Motor Diameter: 24 mm
Motor Length:
70 mm (D)
95 mm (E)

Propellant Mass: 0.0991 kg
Total Motor Mass: 0.1869 kg

Total Impulse: 78.39 Ns

Burn Time: 4.74 s
Maximum Thrust: 89.19 N
Average Thrust: 30.63 N
Specific Impulse: 81 s

Notes: The Black Thruster combined both clustering and staging of motors to achieve excellent performance and spectacular launches. This combination of engines sported the longest burn time of any vehicle in the fleet, and the highest max thrust of any black powder rocket, providing a fantastic viewing experience.


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