Black Betty


Designer: Andrew

Motor Manufacturer: Estes Industries
Propellant Type: Black Powder
Motor Designation: (3) E9-8
Motor Diameter: 24 mm
Motor Length: 95 mm
Propellant Mass: 0.1074 kg
Total Motor Mass: 0.1947 kg

Total Impulse: 85.5 Ns

Burn Time: 3.09 s
Maximum Thrust: 58.41 N
Average Thrust: 27.06 N
Specific Impulse: 82 s

Notes: Conceived, designed and constructed in one long, intoxicating night, Black Betty represents the essence of Jules Verne’s “genius of will.” In one monumental push, Andrew brought this flagship to fiery life, and a mere two days later, she flew. Flaunting three “E” impulse engines, Black Betty was known for her thunderous, roaring liftoffs and commonly climbed beyond visual range. Though she suffered from several initial recovery system anomolies, much like Mach Me, she always returned in one piece. Subsequent overengineering of the shock cord restraints solved these problems, and Black Betty remains in the Principia fleet to this day.


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