Josephine III


Designer: Brian

Motor Manufacturer: Estes Industries
Propellant Type: Black Powder
Motor Designation:
 C6-0, Booster
 C6-7, Sustainer

Motor Diameter: 18 mm
Motor Length: 70 mm
Propellant Mass: 0.0216 kg
Total Motor Mass: 0.0444 kg

Total Impulse: 17.64 Ns
Burn Time: 3.72 s
Maximum Thrust: 14.09 N
Average Thrust: 4.74 N
Specific Impulse: 83 s

Notes: J-III is the third iteration of the venerable Josephine series, which began with Principia’s first rocket back in the fall of 2001. The first vehicle of the fleet to incorporate multiple stages, J-III flight tested several important design characteristics unique to the class, such as stage coupling and interstage vents which prevented the booster from separating before the core had ignited. This vehicle also validated chute-less recovery of the booster stage, which relies on the aerodynamic instability of the separated booster to reduce its terminal velocity and allow for a safe landing.


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